The Best Shareable Pistachio Butter Pesto Pizza

The Best Shareable Pistachio Butter Pesto Pizza

The Best Shareable Pistachio Butter Pesto Pizza

A little adaptability goes a long way in the kitchen! I was racking my brain to come up with something special for a loved one on Valentine’s Day, and stumbled upon this fantastic pizza recipe from Baking The Goods Blog. So, the opportunity to impress presented itself, and boom! The Nuttinosh Pistachio Butter Pesto Pizza was born.

I had a lot of fun re-imagining this recipe and incorporating easier modifications for those busy moms who don’t have much time to be making pizza dough or pesto from scratch - and using my pistachio butter, of course! I think pistachio butter can easily get cornered into sweets and desserts, but they make fantastic additions to savory dishes as well! Italy is well known for pistachios, and it was in Italy that I fell head over heels for pistachio butter.

I wanted to integrate some of those rich and savory Mediterranean flavors with my Nuttinosh pistachio butter, and it ended up being a delightfully sharable and exciting pizza recipe! This recipe is also easy to put together for any busy family when dinner time comes around - even the little ones can lend a hand in the kitchen! You can enjoy this recipe as a standalone meal, a shareable appetizer, or a fresh party starter.

Let’s break it down! Here’s What You Need For Your Pizza:

  • Pizza dough. Every pizza gotta start somewhere! You can use store-bought dough or make your own pizza dough. I like to use the pizza dough available at Trader Joe’s, it hits the mark for fresh, budget-friendly, and easy for the family!
  • Nuttinosh Roasted Pistachio Butter. You already know!
  • Basil Pesto. I love using basil pesto over a traditional marinara! Basil pesto and pistachio butter are the perfect pair.  Together they create a rich sweet yet savory flavor. You can use store-bought or make your pesto from scratch!
  • Mozzarella cheese. Mozzarella is a soft, mild cheese with the perfect melting point for pizza - the reason it’s so popular. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!
  • Fresh figs. Figs act as a sweet and jammy topping for our pizza. Fresh figs are ideal, but dry figs will work if we’re in the off-season.
  • Shallots. Shallots are like onion’s fabulous cousin, they have a hint of garlicky, caramelized sweetness and add a richness to the pizza.
  • Hot Honey! Hell yeah! A quick drizzle of hot honey brings a zip to the dish, and we get a little bit of heat in with all of our salty and sweet flavors going on. We use the delicious @HeartSoulHeat Ghost Honey!
  • Fresh Basil. Bellissimo! Fresh basil to top it all off is the icing on the cake, metaphorically speaking.

  • This pistachio butter pizza brings home all of those wonderful sweet and savory flavors, without the heaviness associated with a phoned-in delivery pizza. Skip the delivery next time, and open up the pizzeria right in your own kitchen by letting your family assemble their pizzas how they choose!

    Other fantastic flavors to try with the Pistachio Butter Pesto Pizza could be balsamic vinegar, arugula, swapping in goat cheese instead of mozzarella cheese, or topping with some prosciutto. The possibilities are endless!


    The Best Sharable Pistachio Butter Pesto Pizza by Anosha Singh

    One pizza feeds approx. 3 people.

    Total Time: 25 mins


    • pizza dough, homemade or store-bought
    • 3 tbsp NUTTINOSH Roasted Pistachio Butter
    • 3 tbsp basil pesto, homemade or store-bought
    • mozzarella cheese, fresh
    • 7- 8 dry figs, fresh (Can substitute with dry figs)
    • 3 shallots, thinly sliced
    • hot/spicy honey, to finish (optional)
    • fresh basil, to finish


    1. OPTIONAL PREPARATIONS: If you are opting to make your pizza dough and basil pesto from scratch at home, take some time now to prep and get those ready to go!

    1. Preheat your oven to 400 F degrees.
    2. Combine your NUTTINOSH Pistachio Butter with your basil pesto in a small bowl, and set aside.
    3. Thinly slice your shallots using a chef’s knife. Set aside.
    4. Roll out your pizza dough and shape it with a heart-shaped crest at the top. Yes, we’re making heart-shaped pizza!
    5. Spoon your pistachio-pesto mixture onto your pizza dough, ensuring even coverage across the dough but leaving about ½ inch border for your crust.
    6. Layer on your sliced shallots, followed by figs, and sliced mozzarella cheese.
    7. Drizzle on your hot honey, and layer on your fresh basil leaves.
    8. Place your pizza on the top center rack of your oven, and bake for 11-13 minutes. Ensure it’s cooked thoroughly, it should be slightly browning on the crust.
    9. Allow your pizza to cool for 5 minutes.
    10. Serve it up, and enjoy!

    This recipe was inspired by the Pistachio and Fig Pesto Pizza from Baking The Goods.


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