Under the Shell: The Story of Nuttinosh Pistachio Butter

Under the Shell: The Story of Nuttinosh Pistachio Butter

Under the Shell: The Story of Nuttinosh Pistachio Butter

Welcome to Nuttinosh, where passion meets pistachios to spread the joy of healthy snacking!

Hello, my name is Anosha, the founder of Nuttinosh. My quest for nutritious and convenient snacks for my family led me on a transformative journey—one that started long before starting a pistachio butter business. From my earliest days, I had a knack for transforming everyday recipes into healthier versions, a mission that gained new meaning with the arrival of my son, Everest.

During our family travels through Europe, I stumbled upon a simple yet delicious solution: pistachio butter. It was a game-changer—a wholesome, spreadable treat that my son adored. This moment sparked the idea for Nuttinosh—a brand dedicated to providing families with convenient, nutritious nut butters they could enjoy without overthinking it.

Pistachios held a special place in my childhood, especially during the holiday season when my family would gather together. I can remember laughter, sharing stories over tea, and the sound of cracking pistachio shells. Fast forward to years later, while backpacking through Europe, I had the joy of sharing pistachio butter with my husband and son. It was then that I began to see pistachios through the lens of a mom: beyond their delicious flavor, pistachios have an abundance of health benefits! 

Packed with protein, fiber, antioxidants and healthy fats, these nuts are a nutritional powerhouse. When I decided to start my journey with Nuttinosh, I knew I wanted to celebrate the pistachio in its simplest form: creating handcrafted, small-batch pistachio butter that's 100% non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan. Just as I had enjoyed pistachios all through my childhood, my son Everest can enjoy them too.

My current lineup features two delicious flavors: the classic Roasted Pistachio Butter, as well as the subtly savory Pistachio Butter with Sea Salt. And we’re just getting started (you can join our email list here)! With fresh and exciting recipes, I invite my customers to explore the endless possibilities of pistachio butter, whether it's on toast, in a sandwich, or as part of a gourmet spread. My commitment to clean eating and my passion for creating wholesome snacks can be tasted in every jar of Nuttinosh. 

So, whether you're a seasoned nut butter enthusiast or a curious newcomer, welcome! I’m excited for you to join me on my journey to redefine accessible, healthy snacking!  Nuttinosh isn't just about spreading butter—it's about spreading joy in the kitchen and beyond. I am a big believer in our Kindness Movement (You can read more on it here!) and hope to reflect our commitment through the actions of this brand and in our daily lives.

With a whole lot of heart and a dash of pistachio magic, Nuttinosh is here to make your snacking experience easy, delicious, and full of goodness. It's time for us to spread the joy—one jar of Nuttinosh pistachio butter at a time.