Pistachio Butter is a NUT-ritional Powerhouse!

Pistachio Butter is a NUT-ritional Powerhouse!

Pistachio Butter is a NUT-ritional Powerhouse!

Good things come in small packages, and pistachio butter is no exception! Humans have been snacking on pistachios since 6000 BC (pretty cool, right?). The pistachio is actually a pretty nut-ritional powerhouse that can really be an asset to our everyday diets! Ever wondered why pistachios are so good for you? Well, that’s what we’re here to talk about today!

We’re big believers in both the delicious AND the nutritious here at Nuttinosh, and we want to ensure that everyone that enjoys our butters knows just how beneficial pistachio butter can be.

Packed With Protein!

If you’re a plant-based eater or perpetually on-the-go, you might already know that we can actually get a substantial amount of protein from nuts. And pistachio butter is a great source! Did you know that just one serving of Nuttinosh contains 7g of protein? Better yet, pistachios are considered a “complete protein”, which means they contain all nine essential amino acids. 

Protein is so important in what we eat! It’s quite literally what builds us up and fuels us forward - our bones, muscles, and brains all run on protein. And we’re happy to call our Nuttinosh pistachio butter a dairy-free, gluten-free, and totally plant-based protein that you can count on!

Fat-tastic For You!

There are actually a few dietary fats that are quite good for you, and that our bodies rely on to keep us going. These healthier fats are the unsaturated fats: monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, to be specific.

Unsaturated fats differ from their saturated counterparts in a few ways. Unsaturated fats actually work to lower the bad cholesterol in our bodies and reduce our risk of heart problems. Another popular type of unsaturated fat you might recognize is omega-3 fatty acids.

These types of healthy fats are our friend (especially for our hearts!), and we can count on the power of pistachio butter to get us the nutritional fats that we need!

An Antioxidant Glow-Up

Did you know that pistachios have antiviral, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties? These nuts are excellent for our body’s defense system and immune health. Pistachio butter is especially rich in antioxidants in comparison to other nut butters - loaded with vitamin E, beta carotene, lutein, and flavonoids, pistachios are a true powerhouse!

Our bodies use antioxidants to get rid of damaging molecules called “free radicals” that exist on the cellular level. Think of it like food scraps in a compost bin - free radicals build up in our bodies and cause cellular damage, the same way food scraps build up in compost and start to get a liiiiiittle nasty over time. Antioxidants work to “detox” these harmful molecules in our bodies and keep us from feeling low!

Pistachio butter is a fantastic source of antioxidants and can be a great immune-supporting snack.

The pistachios we use in our Nuttinosh pistachio butters are a treasure trove of nutrients, and are a perfect healthy addition to any lifestyle! Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or just plain busy, Nuttinosh can be your new best friend in the cupboard or on the road.

We are so proud of the hard work that’s gone into the making of each batch of our butters, and are proud to offer a tasty and healthy food that everyone can enjoy!

At Nuttinosh, we understand the priority that comes with healthy eating and feeding our families. We’re right here with you, sharing our passion and our pistachio butter so we can achieve these goals together.

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